Eid El Kébir: live the party


Today, Monday June 17, 2024, we are celebrating Eid El Kébir here in Morocco.

It does not go without saying that in Morocco, many customs accompany this religious festival. It is customary for the head of the family to slaughter the sheep using a sharp knife in order to alleviate its suffering. Much of the meat from the sacrificed sheep is given generously to the needy. The same day, families gather around the same table to share traditional dishes and dishes, starting on the first day with Boulfaf. Over the days we vary our meals between “Tqalia”, “Mrouzia”, “qatbanes”, “Tanjia”, “Couscouss”, “Tajine aux plums”… The children take care of grilling the sheep heads just after the sacrifice The women, for their part, take care to prepare “Lkeddid” or “Kordass” in order to preserve them for use in the preparation of various traditional dishes, notably couscous, throughout the year.

The next day, very early in the morning, the butchers are already welcoming the first customers wishing to cut their sheep.

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