Today, United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture: What does Article 2 say?


With 171 states bound by the Convention Against Torture, Article 2 of which prohibits its use without exception, torture could be considered universally eradicated, if not marginalized.

The representation we have of torture is often truncated or incomplete (what form(s) does it take? in what country(ies) is it used? against whom is it directed? ). Its practice persists all over the planet. It contaminates democracies, explodes in the form of mistreatment in penitentiary establishments and puts human rights defenders in mortal danger.

Supported by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on torture, who wrote the foreword, the edition of A Torture World continues a study undertaken by ACAT-France.

The ambition is unchanged, to report on the influence of torture with a view to its eradication. A new edition also means a new method: the articles now explore several angles of reflection based on twelve countries from which they offer original insight: Angola, Egypt, United States of America, France, Israel/Palestine, Mauritania, Mexico, Philippines, Republic of Congo, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam.

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