Taroudant.. A road accident causes deaths and injuries

The driver of a large taxi connecting Taliouine, Benarodant and the town of Inezgane was killed, while 7 people, including the passengers of the taxi and the driver of a light car, were injured more or less seriously, yesterday evening, Sunday, and were transferred to the Agadir regional hospital for treatment.

The accident occurred “following a collision between a first class taxi and a light car, which caused the immediate death of the taxi driver, on the road linking the community of Arzan to Benarodant “.

The services of the Royal Gendarmerie and local authorities, in addition to civil prevention personnel, arrived on site, and the transfer of the injured to the Hassan II Regional Hospital Center in Agadir was supervised, with the aim of providing them with care. required. , in parallel with the transport of the body of the deceased to the morgue.

Judicial police officers also opened an investigation into the facts, with the aim of determining the circumstances of their occurrence, under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor’s office.

Monday evening, a light car overturned on the road between the blind community and the town of Oulad Taima, causing no injuries among its passengers.

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