Death of Ghita Bennani, widow of Mehdi Ben Barka

The family of Mehdi Ben Barka announced the death of Ghita Bennani, widow of left-wing political opponent Mehdi Ben Barka, in the French capital, Paris.

The Ben Barka family said in a statement that the late Ghita “was the pillar of the family and a reference for all those who shared human values, fraternity and solidarity… She represented an anchor point for all the members of her family, an example of simplicity and kindness, and a refuge with a generous heart and an attentive ear.”

Ghita accompanied her husband Mehdi Ben Barka at all stages of his life as an activist against colonialism and for the construction of an independent and democratic Morocco. She shared with him the joys and sorrows of family life until his kidnapping and disappearance.

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