Onion and potato exporters wait for government to reverse decision to stop exports to Africa

The decision to temporarily suspend the export of certain vegetables such as onions and potatoes to African markets is still in force, prompting exporters and professionals to knock on government doors.

While onion and potato exporters were hoping that the government would reverse its decision to temporarily suspend their exports to African markets immediately after the end of Eid al-Adha, they were surprised to find that the decision is still in force despite certain promises made previously.

Due to the continuation of the export ban, the prices of onions and potatoes remained at their lowest in the various wholesale markets in Morocco, even reaching exceptionally low and unusual levels for the period of Eid al-Adha.

Professionals and exporters are impatiently awaiting a decision allowing them to resume exports after meeting the needs of the local market, especially since contacts have been established between representatives of professionals and the competent authorities, proposing the idea of a quota allowing the export of a limited portion of onions and potatoes by allocating a “quota” to each exporter.

Exporters believe that the decision to suspend exports has caused them heavy losses, as their partners in several African countries have terminated contracts and partnerships between them. They hope that the government will act as quickly as possible to respond to their demands.

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