97% of supervised beaches are suitable for swimming


A total of 198 beaches (97% of supervised beaches) are suitable for bathing, compared to only five declared non-compliant, according to the results of the monitoring campaigns of June 2024, made public by the Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development.

In a press release, the ministry, which annually publishes the results of the reports of the bathing water and sand quality monitoring campaigns, recalls that the number of beaches subject to monitoring under this program has increased from 79 in 2003 to 196 beaches, according to the 2024 report (Editor’s note: which covers the year 2023).

For the general public, summer visitors and municipalities, these tools make it possible to take the necessary measures to improve the quality of bathing water in the short and medium term, particularly at beaches declared non-compliant, notes the same source. .

Concerning monitoring the quality of bathing water for the current summer season, three systems have been put in place by the Department of Sustainable Development. This involves, first of all, online querying of bathing water and sand quality monitoring reports on the site: https://labo.environnement.gov.ma.

The ministry also cites the regular bulletins on the quality of bathing water on all beaches, which are established every 15 days and made available to beach managers through a digital platform in order to allow them to be displayed on site. beaches for the information of summer visitors and take the necessary immediate measures in the event of non-compliance of quality.

The third device, adds the press release, consists of the application “Iplages”, downloadable on Android and IOS, for informing the general public in real time, in order to communicate the results of the surveillance in a regular manner and provide all the useful information on the beaches.

The ministry invites holidaymakers to consult this application or the site: https://labo.environnement.gov.ma for more instant information on the quality and conformity of beaches (bathing water) for the 2024 summer season.

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