Egyptian singer Ramadan shines in Mawazine with a caftan in the heart of the Moroccan Sahara designed by Maison Fatim Zahraa El Idrissi


Egyptian singer Mohamed Ramadan appeared before his audience at the Mawazine Festival wearing outfits designed by Moroccan designer Fatima Zahraa El Idrissi, and drew attention with a unique kaftan named “The Moroccan Desert.”

Regarding this, El Idrissi told Source Media: “We worked on it with my team, which is composed of the best craftsmen from my fashion house, and in just two days, the caftan was ready. I wanted to add the final and unique touch, namely the map of my country that includes the Moroccan desert. Morocco will remain in its desert and the desert in its Morocco. I am very happy with this achievement, because as a designer, I contribute to highlighting Moroccan heritage and culture.”

The Moroccan designer added: “Mohamed Ramadan, the well-known Egyptian star, recently wore a Moroccan kaftan designed by Fatima Zahraa El Filali El Idrissi, which features patterns reflecting the Moroccan desert. This choice is a testament to the mutual appreciation between cultures and traditional Moroccan fashion, and reflects the beauty of Moroccan heritage through a modern and elegant design.”

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