Mr. Bensaid inquires in Al Haouz and Marrakech about the progress of restoration work on several historic sites affected by the earthquake

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The Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid, made, on Friday, a field visit to several historical sites affected by the earthquake of September 8 in the province of Al Haouz and the prefecture of Marrakesh.

During this visit, Mr. Bensaid inquired about the progress of the restoration work on these historic sites.

At the archaeological site of Aghmat, located in the territory of the province of Al Haouz, comprehensive explanations were provided to Mr. Bensaid, on the rehabilitation project of this historical site, which houses the Al-Mutamid Ibn Abbad mausoleum.

This project aims to improve the tourist attractiveness of this site, through the establishment of a specific program within the framework of the animation of historical sites and monuments.

In the city of Marrakech, Mr. Bensaid inquired about the progress of restoration work on historic monuments damaged by the earthquake, notably the Bahia and Badii Palaces, the Saadian Tombs and the ramparts of the old medina in Bab Doukkala and Bab El Khmis, where work is progressing at a steady pace.

This visit is part of the monitoring of this major project, in accordance with the High Instructions of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

In a statement to the press, Mr. Bensaid stressed that HM the King gave His High Instructions to the government, immediately after the earthquake, to manage the situation intelligently and interact with the concerns of citizens, including in the area of heritage restoration.

“After months of discussions and studies carried out for this purpose, we will launch restoration work on several damaged historical monuments, including the archaeological site of Aghmat,” he said, indicating that the restoration work of this site and other historical monuments in various areas affected by the earthquake are likely to give new vitality to these sites so that they once again become a source of income for residents in rural areas and the areas concerned.

Mr. Bensaïd’s visit also concerned the various areas of the Bahia and Badii Palaces. On this occasion, the Minister learned about the tourist dynamics in these sites, which experience a significant influx of visitors.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication, as part of its strategy aimed at preserving and promoting cultural heritage, has set up ad-hoc committees responsible for monitoring the work of restoration and rehabilitation of historical monuments and archaeological sites affected by the Al Haouz earthquake.

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