Gérard Larcher, President of the French Senate, Tackles Emmanuel Macron Who “Shrivels Democracy”


In an interview with Le Parisien on Thursday, June 27, the President of the Senate did not hide his anger towards the Head of State.

While the first round of the legislative elections will be on Sunday, June 30, Gérard Larcher will sound the charge against Macron. However, he will omit to go back on the agreements made in many constituencies between the LR and Macronie to maintain a single candidate.

No one was notified of this dissolution.

Among the many grievances against the President of the Republic, Larcher will return to a phone call “received at 8:10 p.m.” on July 9. Macron called him and told him: “I have decided to dissolve.” The call will last “1 minute 30.” The senator from Yvelines, breaking his usual reserve, will assert: “I don’t call it a consultation, but information. I took note of it, but I didn’t feel it was a mark of consideration. Yaël Braun-Pivet (outgoing president of the National Assembly, Editor’s note) was treated quite similarly. (…). It’s a personal interpretation of the Constitution!” “Does Emmanuel Macron measure the risks he is making France take?” he will ask.

Macron, more arsonist than firefighter

For Gérard Larcher, this decision has plunged the country into “a political crisis”. He adds that it could also lead to an “institutional crisis”. There does not seem to be a plan at the Élysée to get out of this situation. The President of the Senate believes here that Macron is “shrinking democracy” with a campaign reduced to “two weeks” on the eve of the big departures of the summer.

Like many others, he will ask Macron “to finally shut up.” “Can he let the end of the campaign take place without fanning the flames every two days? I don’t think a president should publicly imply that he wouldn’t hold the country together if the French voted for the extremes,” he will say.

However, judging that he will “never be able to vote for an RN or New Popular Front candidate”, voting for a Macronist in the event of a duel or three-way race would remain the best choice according to him.

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