Italy… Abdullah Khazraji is a model civil rights activist in the province of Veneto.

Abdel Latif El-Baz – Heba Press

Every person has an impact, and no one deserves thanks and appreciation… So we went to the firefly to write these letters with confidence and honesty, away from pretentious colors, away from embellishment, because every person speaks of his actions. … The proverb says: “The testimony of one people is remembered by another.” There is a person who deserves a thousand greetings, a thousand respects, a thousand appreciations… No matter what we say, we will not do him justice. He is the valiant teacher, the collective activist, Abdullah Khazraji, the fighter – the symbol… the human being… – the example… the model of collective action on the soil of the city of Treviso, Veneto region, northeastern Italy. Many Moroccans in the diaspora carry the homeland in their hearts, reside there wherever they live and travel, and proudly serve as true diplomats for Morocco, without salary, incentives, or compensation, and often without any recognition of their sacrifices and efforts.

Abdullah Khazraji is an example of those who defend the homeland silently, without noise and without any request from anyone. The human rights activist, president of the Hilal association, is considered one of the most prominent actors in the collective field in Italy. where he has traced a long path in the service of his country, especially in the field of volunteering, the foundations of which he laid with many of his peers in the nineties of the last century. a refined artistic taste and a passionate spirit that loves to draw from the sources of science and knowledge of the time.

And because each person has a part of his name, Abdullah, according to those who have always lived with him, is considered the generous man par excellence. Even if he does not like the spotlight, he has “a lot of white hands” and “humanitarian.” services that he did not hesitate to respond to provide.

Khazraji’s human qualities are also numerous. The man is characterized by great humility and receives his interlocutors with a permanent smile. He is characterized by calm in dialogue, seriousness in relationships, honesty and a spirit of responsibility, commitment and self-denial. In addition to his good relations at national and international level through the language of communication and exchange of information to enlighten public opinion, he has given a lot in the field of services and supervision, and he continues to share his experience with promising young people in the legal and cultural fields. He is the star of collective work, “Abdullah Khazraji”, one of the solid pillars of human rights and collective work in Italy.

His phone is open to receive and work with various serious associations. He works with everyone. He maintains broad and diverse relationships through his culture and collective administrative management. He does not waste his free time except. on future projects and ideas. It is known about Abdullah Khazraji that he does not belong to any political party and that he maintains many relationships with most of them, because he is like an eagle that only eats what it catches. . It does not belong to anyone, it belongs to everyone.

Through his intellectual creativity and successful associative projects, he participates in most of the activities of the associations with which he maintains relations. He wants to communicate and contributes to the development of civil society in Europe. He stands out for his character. interventions that have the character of sophistication. The man is, in summary, strong in his communication, courteous and helpful in his relationships.

Abdullah Khazraji is considered a qualitative addition in all fields. He devotes the concept of serious collective work to human rights, with new and renewed ideas, projects and innovations that permeate various cultural, social, environmental and educational fields that benefit the inhabitants of the Veneto region, benefiting from his previous experiences and focusing on the principles of respect for others, coexistence and dialogue of civilizations, cultures and religions.

Abdullah draws his plan and methodology of collective work from humility and listening. He weaves the threads of his fabric with sobriety and credibility, because he is not afraid of the obstacles he has encountered and will encounter on his path. in failure. He is an example of his saying: “Make sure you are right and move on.”

He grew up in a modest and conservative family, which left him with one of the most beautiful and best experiences in the field of education, which is the experience of “confidence and determination”…

He was perfumed by a precocious collective conscience and struck the ground in times of distress… From a young age, he began to form a collective conscience and to engage in the right choice… to serve the right thing… He chose to be an associationist and to have chosen to be president of the croissant; He chose a collective work based on the belief in a common project and collective volunteering, and based on renunciation and openness to the world… Seriousness and assiduity aim to advance towards the ceiling of commitment and responsibility…

So far, no matter what we say or do, we will not reimburse the salaries of these people. We just need to convey our message to the community of the province of Veneto to support models like these.

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