Amsterdam…meat dishes with plums appeal to fans of Moroccan cuisine of different religions “Video”.

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The Amsterdam Friendship Association organized a distinguished celebration dedicated to the ancient culture of Moroccans, whether religious or social. It was also an opportunity to discover Moroccan cultural heritage, with its delicious flavor and character, being strongly present there. the presentation of many varied dishes, including “meat with prunes”.

Ahmed Al-Masry, president of the association, in his speech on this occasion, stressed that his association plays a major role in the introduction of Moroccan identity, and that it has also written a special program dedicated to the providing services in various areas to Moroccans in the diaspora, from teaching them the Dutch language to providing them with advice to help with their integration into their new society.

Al-Masry added that the members of his association are ambassadors of Morocco as part of parallel diplomacy. Their goal is to raise awareness of their country, its customs, its traditions and the teachings of its tolerant religion, noting that today’s ceremony is an extension of a ceremony. series of activities that the association organizes on religious or national occasions.

Regarding the Eid al-Fitr ceremony, Al-Masry said: “It was an opportunity for reunification, bringing together visions and introducing the teachings of our true religion, the religion of tolerance and peace , which made its success linked to the significant presence of citizens of many other religions, who continued, throughout this ceremony, to follow, listen and discuss, amazed by the generosity and tolerance of Moroccans.
Further details about this ceremony are included in the following coverage:

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