Mobile consulate for Moroccans residing in Florence

Abdel Latif El-Baz – Heba Press

As part of the implementation of its program aimed at bringing consular services closer to members of the Moroccan community, the Consulate General of Morocco in Bologna organized a mobile consulate in Florence, during which more than 400 services were provided to the benefit of members of the Moroccan community. residing in this city and its surroundings. This witnessed the consular movement in this city, which is one of the densely populated Italian regions. Moroccan immigrant population: A large number of members of the Moroccan community residing in the region and neighboring regions have arrived.

On this occasion, personal documents were handed over, such as biometric passports, electronic national identity cards and judicial certificates.

Assistance was also provided to community members regarding administrative, social and documentary matters, especially the elderly and people with special needs.

This operation was welcomed and widely praised by all members of the Moroccan community, who expressed their immense happiness and their great appreciation for this initiative, which saved them from traveling to the headquarters of the consulate in Bologna and benefiting from these different consular services, at the moment. as a large number of Moroccans prepare to prepare for their summer vacation and Eid Al-Adha in their country.

This itinerant consulate, organized thanks to the mobilization of the collective fabric active in this region in particular, was the opportunity during which the Consul General, Khadija Nadour, held a meeting with the members of these associations to inform them of the measures put in place. established by the ministry to provide local consular services to the Moroccan community abroad.

This consular move also represented an opportunity to exchange ideas and identify the most important concerns of the Moroccan community present in the Tuscany region and neighboring regions, and to review the structural reforms undertaken by the ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans residing abroad with the objective of raising the quality of consular services for the benefit of the Moroccan community, in accordance with the directives of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, by simplifying administrative procedures , adopting digitalization and the appointment system, as well as bringing the administration closer to the administration. community members.

The diplomatic official also highlighted the latest developments in the national question, in this context, and praised the heroic positions of the Moroccan community, which spares no effort to defend the national question. Meetings were held with local officials in Florence to discuss the situation of Moroccans. living in the region, their concerns, their perspectives and their level of integration.
During these meetings, various aspects related to strengthening cooperation with local authorities and the implementation of projects launched by Moroccans residing in the region were also discussed.

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