Chapter 1 of the 18th edition of the African Artistic Gymnastics Championship: False mark


The 18th edition of the African Artistic Gymnastics Championship began last Friday evening in the Lalla Meryem indoor hall located in the M’hamid district, and only ended on Monday, with the participation of around 165 athletes. representing 8 African countries in addition to Morocco

This competition, supposed to be a major event commensurate with the brand image of the Kingdom of Morocco, especially since it was under the High Patronage of HM King Mohammed VI, ultimately failed in its mission on several counts.

Indeed, the 1st Chapter primarily concerns the journalistic side since, apart from the SNRT, no main organ was invited to this Tournament apart from the local correspondents most normally.

The fact remains that if the major newspapers were not present, it is because of the restriction on the part of the president of the FRMGA who did not find it useful to call for the large presence of the Media high-end as if this edition is only a simple friendly tournament when it represents a great use for the country

If the president of the FRMGA considered very important for him the sole attribution to the SNRT, the only one capable of doing what was necessary, it was more than up to the task through its varied analyzes with specialists in the field, except that the large dissemination which could have been through the other press would have been more useful for this whole competition and our colleagues would not have the feeling of frustration nor relying on the SNRT alone to obtain the adventures of the event

But the most shocking came to us from the president of the FRMGA when he confronted a journalist who wanted to get interviews and other statements on the La Salle track at the end of the competition and during the celebration of the athletes by retorting in an aggressive tone: “It is strictly forbidden to approach the athletes. Mamnou3 Assi, bghiti tkhassar lia tapiates ouhouma maqyoumine 3lia wcharihoum b’lmlayen? Ana li goult lihoum 7’ta chi sahafi mayanzal l’lasalle…safI? »

This shows where we are today as Morocco aims to restore its image to its true value except that some have remained stuck at a standstill and thus harm the reputation of the Kingdom of Morocco

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