Developments at the second stadium in Rabat: work on the stands has started and the adjacent mosque will not be demolished

In parallel with the Grand Stade de Rabat, where work is progressing rapidly with some parts of the stadium having reached the third floor of the stands, construction work on the second stadium in the capital Rabat, alongside the first stadium, is underway.

The second stadium, under construction near the Prince Moulay Abdellah complex, will be dedicated to athletics and football at the same time. It will host a high-quality track and will be designed for more than 25,000 spectators.

The digging and construction phase of the foundations of the second stadium in Rabat started some time ago. Workers from the companies overseeing the project are currently constructing the warehouse roof and ground floor.

Once the ground floor is completed, the metal supports for the bleachers will be installed. The stands, prefabricated in specialized companies, will then be installed above the supports according to international construction and engineering standards.

Next to the stadium is the old mosque of the Prince Moulay Abdellah complex. According to informed sources, it will not be demolished but will be repaired and renovated, with the possibility of expanding its facilities to increase its reception capacity.

The modern techniques adopted, whether for the construction of the first football stadium or the athletics stadium, will allow them to be delivered before the scheduled date, allowing Morocco to be ready, as usual, to host all events regional, continental and international.

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