Building collapse in Al-Bayda… ‘random’ repairs caused incident, and Amhidia is closely monitoring the situation

Heba Press – Al-Bayda

Thursday evening, the Burgundy district of Casablanca witnessed the collapse of a 4-story building.

A well-informed source reported that residents of the building located at the intersection of Al-Anqa and Moulay Youssef streets have noticed, in recent days, the appearance of large cracks and fissures in the walls of the building before inform the local authorities.

The same source adds that the authorities concerned went to the site and inspected the building, before residents were informed of the need to evacuate it within 24 hours.

The same source added that the cause of the incident was due to a resident carrying out random repairs without permission from the relevant authorities.

Heba Press noted the presence of Governor Amhidia at the scene immediately after the accident, which caused no human casualties.

The governor reassured the residents of the collapsed building and promised to take all measures to guarantee their rights.

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