Finland proposes to transfer migrants present on its territory, of different nationalities, to Morocco

Many European countries are currently exploring options for cooperation and coordination with countries such as Morocco to resolve their illegal migration issues. Among these countries, we can cite Finland.

In this regard, Finland plans, according to statements by Petteri Orpo, Finnish Prime Minister, to transfer illegal migrants, in particular asylum seekers, regardless of their nationality, currently on Finnish soil, to countries with which it maintains solid cooperative relations, like Morocco for example.

The Finnish Prime Minister told Finnish media that cooperation with safe third countries is necessary and helps asylum seekers see a better future for themselves in these countries. He said the option of transferring asylum seekers to countries such as Morocco and Albania, where their cases would be examined, is being studied.

Petteri Orpo cited as an example the cooperation between the United Kingdom and Rwanda, where asylum seekers arriving on British soil are sent to Rwanda. He stressed that his country should draw inspiration from the British experience to develop cooperation with countries that can accommodate these migrants, considering the Kingdom of Morocco as a safe and appropriate country to implement this plan.

Although no Moroccan officials have addressed this topic, foreign media have confirmed that Morocco is not in favor of such initiatives, despite their political and economic benefits, as the Kingdom seeks to resolve migration issues in the framework of global and non-superficial approaches and strategies.

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