Moroccan fertilizers are invading Brazil and generating significant revenue for the kingdom.

Morocco continues to strengthen its trade and economic relations with the major world powers, particularly in the sector of fertilizers and phosphate derivatives.

Among the countries whose trade with Morocco has doubled is Brazil, which now depends heavily on Moroccan fertilizers as part of its agricultural plan aimed at supplying Latin American countries with all their agricultural needs.

In this regard, Brazil doubled the value of agricultural fertilizers imported from Morocco, reaching more than 100 million dollars last May, a record and unprecedented figure in trade between the two countries.

According to official data, Brazil imported around $100 million worth of Moroccan fertilizers last May alone, placing Morocco third among Brazil’s suppliers, after Russia and Canada.

Morocco has managed to overtake countries like China, once one of the largest exporters to Brazil, thanks to the high quality of its fertilizers and their competitive prices, which has attracted many countries to deal with Morocco .

It should be noted that Morocco enjoys an excellent reputation in the production of phosphate fertilizers, since it has more than 70% of the world’s reserves of phosphate rocks, from which the phosphorus used in fertilizers is extracted.

This makes Morocco a gatekeeper to global food supply chains, as all food crops require phosphorus to grow.

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