Al Barid Bank, leader in digital banking in Morocco, a pioneering and assertive strategy.


To support the emergence of the market and the evolving needs of its customers, Al Barid Bank places its strategy in an approach of innovation and modernity, to become the leader in Moroccan digital banking.

Al Barid Bank was the first bank in the area to offer a 100% digital offer focused on mobile, starting in 2014, with the launch of Barid Bank Mobile (BBM). Now used by 1.4 million customers of the bank, this application allows both to carry out current operations of an informational nature (consultation of balance, bank statements, edition of RIB/IBAN, etc.) as well as to carry out operations of a transactional nature, such as transfers, bill payments and merchant payments…

The Barid Bank Mobile solution has enabled the bank to position itself today as the confirmed Leader, with 29% of the mobile payment market share.

Adopted from its launch by many of the bank’s customers, the mobile application has enjoyed great success in terms of the number of its users (1.4 million), but also the number of banking transactions that pass through it.

At the end of August 2020, 24% of the total transactions carried out by Al Barid Bank went through the mobile channel compared to only 2% in 2016. In 2020, the number of transactions increased by 79.3% compared to 2019. , a sign of the meteoric development of the mobile channel and the anticipation of market needs and trends demonstrated by ABB from the first years of its birth.

Digital banking continues to develop. A brand new version has just been deployed with new services, better ergonomics, and the key is a completely dematerialized international electronic payment card.

The ongoing digitalization of Al Barid Bank’s services is not to the detriment of the classic channel: in-branch service. The bank’s digital strategy also focuses on improving the customer journey at branch level. This “omnichannel” approach is at the heart of Al Barid Bank’s development strategy, which puts the customer at the center of all actions, and attempts to offer them the best quality of service, whether material or dematerialized.

This translates into immediacy and availability at any time, to provide the customer with real-time services, regardless of the channel used.

In the “phygital” era, the objective of this omni-channel is to allow the customer to start a transaction on one channel and conclude it on another, including in an agency.

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