The development of the tourism sector in the Rabat-Salé-Kénitra Region is accelerating with the implementation of the Regional Application Contract of the 2023-2026 Road Map


The development of the tourism sector in the Rabat-Salé-Kénitra region is accelerating with the implementation of the Regional Application Contract of the 2023-2026 roadmap. This contract provides for 13 specific projects, including the construction of an Exhibition Center, aimed at boosting the tourist offer and positioning the region in four thematic sectors: “Business tourism”, “Cultural circuits”, “Internal tourism: Seaside” and “Internal Tourism: Nature and Discovery”.

The signing of this application contract was carried out between the Ministry of Tourism, the Wilaya of the Rabat-Salé-Kénitra Region, the Council of the Region, the Moroccan Society of Tourist Engineering (SMIT), and the National Office Moroccan Tourism (ONMT).

Focusing on the cultural dimension, the heart of the destination’s positioning, the development actions undertaken have contributed to structuring the cultural product (Medinas, historic sites), to highlighting it on a tourist level and to mobilizing public investments.

The structuring of the destination’s major projects was thus carried out in several stages.

The first stage saw the development of the first two sequences of the Bouregreg valley development project and the development of the Rabat corniche.

The tourism product development roadmap aimed to conceptualize the vision and the program for the development and enhancement of the Atlantic coast of the destination. It made it possible to devote ourselves to the enrichment and development of the cultural offer, in particular the new large establishments planned on the banks of the Bouregreg.

In a second stage, the actions were oriented towards the development of the Medinas of Rabat and Salé, then that of the emerging seaside center Moulay Bouselham.

From the first part of the last decade, public investment contributed to laying the foundations for tourism projects and preparing the foundations for private investment. In the period 2011-2014, public investment was directed towards the cultural aspect of the destination. This is particularly the case for the major development project for the Bouregreg valley, the Museums, the two railway stations, the rehabilitation of the two Medinas, the development of the Corniche, etc.

From 2015, SMIT reoriented its action towards attracting private investments focused on accommodation and urban development. She contributed to the conclusion of a dozen investment agreements with large hotel chains, private developers and sovereign funds.

Among the flagship projects, the creation of cultural heritage interpretation centers in Rabat and Salé, the promotion of the Oudayas Kasbah, the installation of tourist buses in Rabat to facilitate the creation of thematic circuits, and the launch of numerous activities cultural, particularly around the theme “Rabat City of Light”.

The region will also host several festivals to enrich the tourist experience. The seaside product will benefit from the tourist development of several beaches, including that of Moulay Bousselham. In addition, a national training program in collaboration with the OFPPT and the CNT (National Confederation of Tourism), as well as the Go Siyaha program, are planned to strengthen the skills of human capital, improve the quality of services, and support…

A major project of the contract is the creation of the Rabat Exhibition Park, a leading structure intended to host major events.

This park should accelerate the development of the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions) and Culture sectors. In connection with emblematic projects in the region such as The Mohammed VI Tower, The Grand Théâtre, La Corniche and the development of the Bouregreg Valley, the Exhibition Park will strengthen the attractiveness of Rabat for national and international events, thus completing the infrastructure offering in the region.

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