ONEE Regional Directorate of Oujda Distribution Refutes Fabricated Statement on Summer Power Cuts

Hibapress/ Abdelkrim Mahyaoui Following the dissemination of a false notice on the social media platform (WhatsApp), attributed to the National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water, concerning “the daily cut of electricity to residents of the eastern part, from two o’clock in the afternoon until six o’clock in the evening during the months of July and August 2024.” According to a report of which a copy reached Heba Press, the regional management of the distribution of Oujda categorically denies the entire content of this false notice. The Directorate also confirms that the report adds that this news is unfounded and was not issued by the interests of the National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water. Finally, the Regional Distribution Directorate in Oujda calls on residents of the Eastern region to be wary of this false news, not to be guided by rumors and to verify the source of the information before disseminating it. or adopt it.

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