Sellami: “I have been following the Jordanian team for some time. Qualification for the World Cup is subject to specific controls”


Jamal Sellami, the new coach of the Jordanian national team, expressed his joy at supervising the training of the Nachama team, and the trust he received from the Jordan Football Federation (JFF).

During his presentation to the press, Jamal Sellami explained that the next stage will be very difficult, given the level that the Jordanian national team has reached in the past, especially in the last Asian Cup.

Sellami warned that qualifying for the World Cup involves specific controls, with ambition and confidence, as well as work and diligence, and then success, which can sometimes be absent, despite the availability of all the elements of work.

Sellami said he has been following the Jordanian national team since the friendly match against Norway, due to his relationship with former coach Hussein Ammouta and his coaching staff, with whom he previously worked at FUS Rabat.

Sellami added that the first opponent he will face is the time factor, which is important to develop the level of the Jordanian national team, in order to achieve good results to qualify for the final phase of the World Cup.

Sellami stressed that the Jordanian national team has become an important calculation, unlike what happened before, and therefore it is necessary to work hard and further develop the players’ qualifications, in order to avoid mistakes that are sometimes repeated.

Sellami also confirmed that he has a global vision for the next phase, including the Jordanian first team, the reserve team and the under-23 team, in order to give them a chance to show their qualifications, before assessing their work.

Sellami said that the development of local talents is essential for the future success of the Jordanian national team in all categories, and he will therefore focus on training Jordanian local cadres, within the framework of the project he has prepared with the Jordanian Federation.

The new coach of the Jordanian national team insisted on the need to give local players a chance, in order to prepare them for the future.

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