64th Session of Young Olympic Ambassadors: Moroccan Safia Salih Honored to Represent Morocco by Immersing Herself in Olympic Values ​​and Contributing to Their Promotion


Safia Salih participated in the 64th Edition of the Young Olympic Ambassadors, which took place in Olympia, Greece, cradle of the Olympic Games, from June 9 to 21, 2024, organized by the International Olympic Academy. Safia was honored to represent Morocco and Taekwondo in this unique program which gave her the opportunity to imbibe Olympic values ​​and contribute to their promotion.

The Young Olympic Ambassadors programme aims to promote Olympic values ​​among young athletes and the community, strengthen participants’ leadership and communication skills, and facilitate cultural exchange while promoting diversity.

During the two-week session, Safia participated in training workshops, meetings and exchanges, as well as group projects. She had the opportunity to present initiatives aimed at educating young people on the values ​​of respect, excellence and friendship, and to build relationships with youth ambassadors from different countries, paving the way for future collaborations. She also improved her communication, leadership and event planning skills.

In addition, Safia presented her Olympic experience, during which she participated in the Olympic Games as part of the sports caravan organized by the Moroccan National Olympic Committee, earned her place to attend the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and won a Silver Medal at the Youth Olympic Games in Argentina 2018. She also delivered the closing speech on behalf of the participants in the session, which gave her the opportunity to represent the voice of youth and emphasize the importance of Olympic values.

This experience allowed him to better understand and embody the Olympic values, to share them with his community, to prepare future projects and to inspire young Moroccan athletes. Thanks to this experience, Safia wishes to continue to engage in the promotion of Olympic values ​​as an Olympic ambassador in Morocco.

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