RS Berkane decides to renew its confidence in Tunisian coach Chaabani


The RS Berkane management decided to keep Mouen Chaabani in his position, after a thorough evaluation of the team’s results and the coach’s results last season.

Chaabani joined Berkane midway through last season, succeeding Moroccan Amine Karma.

Although he did not win any national or continental trophies, the management decided to give him another chance next season.

Berkane was eliminated in the quarter-finals of the Throne Cup by AS FAR, finished third in the championship and was a finalist in the CAF Confederation Cup against Zamalek.

Chaabani will oversee the team’s upcoming recruitments during the summer transfer window, with extensive powers.

In the meantime, the club’s management has decided to appoint a Technical Directorate responsible for monitoring and evaluating the coach’s work over the coming period.

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