Benali: The price of the bottle is 96 dirhams and the State contributes 46 dirhams

Laila Benali, Minister of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, confirmed that the gradual increase in the price of butane is part of the overall implementation of reforms to the social system and the gradual reform of the Compensation Fund, aimed at adopting direct support for deserving families through the unified social register.

The minister mentioned, during her answers to questions from parliamentarians in the House of Representatives on Monday, that 15 companies distribute gas bottles in Morocco of 3 kg, 6 kg and 12 kg.

For the month of June, the minister added, the price of a 12 kg bottle reached 96 dirhams, with the State contributing 46 dirhams per bottle, stressing that the profit margins of the players in the field are regulated by ministerial decision, which has been amended and supplemented.

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