Stéphane Séjourné impressed by the dynamic of development in Morocco under the leadership of HM the King

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The French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Stéphane Séjourné, said he was “impressed” by the development dynamics experienced by Morocco under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI.

“Morocco has changed profoundly. I am impressed by the reforms and projects led by His Majesty the King who places human development at the heart of the development model supported by the Kingdom,” he declared on Monday in Rabat during a press conference. jointly with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Living Abroad, Nasser Bourita.

Referring to bilateral relations, the head of French diplomacy affirmed that Paris and Rabat are determined to renew and deepen their “exceptional” ties by agreeing on a “clear” and “ambitious” roadmap commensurate with the new challenges. .

“To renew this link, our roadmap is clear and ambitious. Our project must be commensurate with the new challenges of the century. We will be more capable, together or separately, with respect and transparency or with a form of collective loyalty,” he said.

For Mr. Séjourné, whose first visit to Morocco after his appointment, the two countries, which share converging interests, want to build a dense and fruitful partnership for “the next thirty years”.

He emphasized the areas in which the two countries must work hand in hand to achieve them.

“We must look at our challenges with great lucidity. We must meet the expectations of our youth, transform our economy to turn it absolutely towards the future in a world that is changing quickly and becoming more and more violent,” he explained during this press conference held in the outcome of his talks with Mr. Bourita.

For him, “the challenges are immense in the technological, environmental and security fields. We will approach these realities with ambition and our source will be this ancient, exceptional and singular link which has allowed us to overcome so many challenges”.

The head of French diplomacy also pleaded for an avant-garde partnership in terms of renewable energies, training and innovative industry.

In the same spirit, “we can take initiatives together to address global challenges that require collective responses, notably climate transition, wealth sharing, education, food security, the fight against terrorism and the promotion of rights. of Man,” he added.

Furthermore, Mr. Séjourné insisted on the need for France and Morocco to contribute to peace and security in the face of the multiple crises shaking the world, notably the war in Ukraine and Gaza.

The minister also praised Morocco’s “remarkable” role in favor of development and security in Africa.

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