Algeria protests Morocco’s decision to confiscate the property of its embassy in Rabat

In another strange move, the Algerian Foreign Ministry issued a statement strongly condemning what it called a “planned confiscation of the assets of the Algerian state embassy in Morocco,” considering it “a violation blatant violation of respect and the duty to protect the diplomatic missions of sovereign States enshrined in international laws and practices.”

The Moroccan government, upon proposal and consultation of the Ministries of Economy and Finance and the Interior, has decided to confiscate several real estate properties belonging to the Algerian Republic in the administrative capital of Rabat with the aim of using these properties in the expansion of service infrastructures under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The draft decree included in number 5811 of the Official Journal, published on March 13, 2024, concerns 3 real estate properties for which confiscation procedures have been initiated.

These are a property called “Kabalia”, with an area of ​​619 square meters, and another called “Zanzi”, with a total area of ​​630 square meters, comprising a two-storey residential house and ground floor offices and facilities. The third property is called “Villa De Solay Lufon”, with an area of ​​491 square meters, including a one-story villa and various facilities.

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