Launch of the project “Monitoring and reporting on duty of vigilance in the automobile industry in Morocco”


Recently, a new project was launched to strengthen monitoring and reporting in terms of duty of vigilance in the automobile industry in Morocco, during a ceremony in the presence of the Minister of Industry and Commerce Mr. Ryad Mezzour , the Head of the Regional Office for the Arab Region, Country Representative of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in Morocco Ms. Hanan Hanzaz, the Resident Director of the German Cooperation Agency (GIZ) in Morocco Ms. Kathrin Lorenz and the President of the Moroccan Association for Automotive Industry and Construction (AMICA) Mr. Hakim Abdelmoumen.

This project, financed by GIZ and implemented by UNIDO, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and AMICA, whose objective is to strengthen the capacities of Moroccan small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in of duty of vigilance in the automotive industry, reflects the ongoing commitment of stakeholders to promote sustainability and corporate social responsibility in the Moroccan automotive sector.

The project also aims to strengthen the capacities of companies in the automotive sector to identify, prevent and mitigate environmental and governance risks in their operations and supply chains.

The project will include several key activities, including:

-Awareness and Training: Awareness and training programs will be offered to companies in the automotive sector to strengthen their understanding of the risks linked to the duty of vigilance and best practices to manage them effectively.

-Development of Monitoring and Reporting tools: In collaboration with local partners, the project will develop practical tools and guidelines to help companies collect, analyze and report relevant information on their duty of vigilance activities .

-Community engagement: The project will promote dialogue and collaboration between government, businesses and relevant stakeholders to promote an environment conducive to the effective implementation of the duty of vigilance in the automotive sector.

The launch of this project marks an important milestone in efforts to promote corporate social responsibility and sustainability in the automotive industry in Morocco. Stakeholders are invited to join this initiative and contribute to its success.

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