4th Edition of the Day of Difference: Raising awareness of the value of Diversity and Inclusion


The Medical-Psycho-Social Center (CMPS) of the Tahar Sebti Institution celebrated the 4th edition of the Day of Difference, under the theme “Let’s embrace our differences, they make us unique”.

This event aims to raise awareness of the value of diversity and promote the inclusion of children with disabilities and/or academic difficulties, by highlighting the importance of diversity in our schools and our society. “We want to show that each child, with their differences, brings unique value to the community,” underlines Souad Ettaoussi, director of the Tahar Sebti Institution.

This day also aims to promote Inclusion, encourage schools to adopt inclusive approaches and create environments where all children, regardless of their abilities, can thrive and learn together.

Another objective of this event is to advocate for the rights of children with disabilities or those having difficulties in schooling, emphasizing the need for inclusive educational policies that guarantee equal opportunities for all.

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