Salé -Laayayda -Almouhit: Residents of the Abouab Sala subdivision call on the Laayayda District Council to combat harmful insects, which terrify the population

HIBAPRESS – SALTY – Abou Zakaria Hassan

At the beginning of the summer season each year, different species of insects of all shapes and sizes spread and multiply, hovering around the poles of street lamps that are lit all night and entering through windows into apartments.

It seems that they come from a farm called “Sentissi” which covers 9 hectares, which produces tons of vegetables of all kinds and exports them locally and nationally.

It should be noted that these insects constitute a threat to the inhabitants of the Abouab Sala – Almouhit subdivision, Laayayda district, Salé, and that a complaint had already been filed by plaintiffs, in another case on the other hand, against used fertilizers which gave off a nauseating and unpleasant odor.

The population demands as soon as possible the urgent intervention of the Municipality of Salé, the Council of the Laayayda District and the sending of a specialized Commission to make a report on the issue in order to clarify the reasons for this scourge which has just horrified the inhabitants of this entire district and to ensure that the grievances of public opinion are responded to, to urgently remedy the damage caused to the unfortunate inhabitants who will be forever terrified.

Today, it is up to the competent authorities to react as quickly as possible to prevent residents from suffering a fate similar to the case of the last measles surprise, which seriously affected the Kingdom.

SOS bad insects

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