18th Congress of the Istiqlal Party: Nizar Baraka candidate for his own succession


The Istiqlal Party began the work of its 18th general congress the day before yesterday Friday. The official kick-off was given during an inaugural ceremony in the presence of all 3,600 delegates and senior Party officials, including Secretary General Nizar Baraka.

In his speech, the Istiqlal leader, who aspires to his own succession, declared: “the course that we have set for the Istiqlal Party is worthy of its historical, intellectual and political capital. We developed Istiqlalian thought to create a new vision of political practice. This vision involves interaction through territorial proximity, in neighborhoods, douars, constituencies and communes, by listening to the needs, expectations and concerns of citizens, then transmitting them to representative institutions. Istiqlal innovates and finds practical solutions to complex situations, while anticipating crises and continually projecting towards the future”.

Furthermore, all activists agree that the general congress is a crucial and decisive step for the future of the Party. A valuable opportunity for members of the congress to examine the various thematic reports which reflect the vision and thinking of Istiqlal.

Consequently, the Istiqlal Party is called upon to reinvent its bodies, including the Executive Committee where the eligibility conditions and the number of members remain to be decided during the revision of its statutes and its internal regulations.

Still, Nizar Baraka is expected to be re-elected for a second term.

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