She buried their bodies in the garage.. Life prison for the murderer of her son and her husband in Martil

The Criminal Chamber of the Court of Appeal of Tetouan sentenced the main accused of the murder of her husband and her son in Martil to life imprisonment, a case which had aroused strong emotion within national public opinion.

The court also decided to suspend proceedings against his brother after his death last March. It should be noted that the accused had been arrested earlier, as well as her brother, for their alleged involvement in a premeditated murder of the husband and for having concealed traces of the crime dating back to 2012.

Initial information from the investigation revealed that the arrested woman is suspected of having killed her husband in 2012, with the complicity of her brother. She then allegedly buried the body in the garage of their house and reported his disappearance, claiming that he had disappeared under unknown circumstances, in order to mislead investigators and erase traces of the crime.

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